Lyrics for Matt Dusk: Weeks 1 and 6 of the SAC Songwriting Challenge

I’m posting the lyrics without the music as I can’t figure out how to post mp3 recordings on any of these sites (except facebook). The greenery I’m experiencing in the field of technology based links and streams appears to be my biggest weakness of the challenge. Crossing my fingers that words CAN be enough…cheers to all participants!


“I’m Cut”

Board up the windows.
Loose shingles lift in the wind.
My house is broken.
I’m cut from beginning to end.

I’m so broken
I don’t know why.
I’m so broken,
I need to cry.

She made it all bad.
Foundation’s cracked by her scorn.
Your house is broken.
So what?
Can I only mourn?

You are broken
I don’t know why.
You’re so broken,
I want to cry…
I want to cry…

Floorboards are rotten,
nothing to walk on.
It’s true
our house is broken.
Steps I once climbed are
gutted through and though.
No more divisions,
I’m out a room.

Nothing’s worked…
Can’t get to you…
It’s all a mess….
It’s all a mess…

Cut it out
Cut me in
I’m cut up
I can’t win.
Our house is trashed
nothing lasts….
Nothing lasts…

I’m cut,

oh yeah, I’m cut…
Cut out of your life.

Cut up
deep inside…
Deep inside…

I’m cut…

Clea Reynolds (c)

Week 6 o the SAC Songwriting Challenge: “Chrismas Snow”

I’m two hours from the midnight deadline and I’ve finished my lyrics for week 6. I chose to write a holiday song which is something totally new for me. This week really took me out of my comfort zone. As the challenge has progressed, I find myself feeling more and more at a disadvantage compared to my co-challengers since I have no music to display my lyrics except for Week 1 (Thank you Alden Morris for playing your Steinway to my lyrics for” I’m Cut”), no band, no instruments, no studio. That being said, I have stayed in the game to the end and it has been wonderful exploring different themes and seeing what I could come up with at a drop of a hat. So for that, I am proud of myself. I don’t know if my lyrics have caught anyone’s attention….time will tell.
As for the Matt Dusk entry, I plan to use the same entry I submitted for Week 1: “I’m Cut”. I know it is a bit dark…but maybe that is just the challenge that Mr. Dusk would be interested in…something out there, a feeling that everyone has had or will have….that feeling of great loss and helplessness. People need to know they are not alone in ALL areas of emotion, especially the ones that cut deep. I dare to hope that Mr. Dusk would be able to listen to our posts above and beyond the songs that the judges will pitch to him. A girl can dream….

Thanks to the organizers of the SAC Challenge, the judges, the coaches, the collaborators, the co-challengers….it has been quite a ride! Good luck everyone!

Week 5 of the 2015 SAC Challenge

I must say, this week was THE most educational for me. Before last Monday, I didn’t know who or what Hozier was (so sorry, you are a force of nature, sir) and I had never heard of The Carolina Chocolate Drops. My week started with a tour on Youtube where I listened to James Vincent McMorrow, Band of Skulls, Bon Iver and, of course, Hozier. The indy sound of Bon Iver mixed with the vocals of JVM in my head, echoed while I was writing my entry for Week 5: “Come Inside”. Any feedback you care to share is welcome.

Week 4 SAC Challenge: Country…Pop?

Country Pop…Hummmm…

See, I was raised in Austin, TX and “country pop” just ain’t the same thing as country-and western. What happened to those old  dusty boots, faded cowboy hats and lone star belt buckles? Pop happened! That’s what happened…country fusion….Shania Twain (Who’s dat? She’s whut?…Canadian!?)

Folks, I’m gonna try to not bust my britches over this country-POP thing and just write some lyrics that will be true to the essence of country music.

I do indeed understand the need to appeal to mainstream America…I just hope that country-and-western doesn’t disappear like some old dinosaur, extinct with no hope of ever comin’ back.


La La Om Pa Pa

Well folks,

This was my first stab at a jingle for advertising some (unknown) product using children or child like appeal in the creation.

I even have a little melody for it…just no instruments or “soundcloud” recording. There is so much talent out there. Maybe I’ll be able to meet/connect with some musicians one day. For now, I’m just having fun pushing myself to create according to other people’s instructions.

Can’t wait to see what week 4 has in store! Cheers!

Week 3 Blues…

Week 3 of the SAC 2015 Songwriting Challenge is giving me the blues. I’ve never done that type of songwriting. A 60 second lyric with stops at partial and mid-song,  destined for an advertisement campaign with only children as a key theme?! Oooof…THAT really is a challenge. I’ve never written with a product or service in mind. I’ll have to hunker down this weekend and dig deep for that one.

SAC 2015 Challenge : Week 2

Week 2’s challenge is supposed to be Pop at a top 40 level. I have no music for these lyrics but I think the words work for the challenge. I’m still looking for musicians/singers to pair up with but I’m a newbie and a bit gun shy to be perfectly honest.

Anyway, here goes….

“Dumb Jokes”

I love your blue eyes
and how they see the world.
Oh, your perky lips the way that they curl
when you smile at
one of my dumb jokes.

I love your sweet voice
and how it forms the words.
With insight and wit
they gently unfurl,
always on cue at
one of my dumb jokes.


Dumb jokes and Goofy faces…
Come with me to crazy places.
Let’s laugh
and cry till tears
roll down our faces
at one of my dumb jokes.

(Verse 2)

I love your patience
and your forgiving heart.
You never judge me
those times when I start.
You simply enjoy
all of my dumb jokes.

You put up with all
the foolish things I say.
I know that you see
it’s my Dopey way
to make you laugh at
all of my dumb jokes.


Dumb jokes and Goofy faces…
Come with me
to crazy places.
Let’s laugh
and cry till tears
roll down our faces
at one of my dumb jokes.

Let’s laugh,
let’s cry,
dumb jokes,
oh my,
Dumb jokes!

+(Repeat CHORUS if music can hold it effectively.)

-by Clea Reynolds (c)